1 December Fernando Perales (ARG/Reynols), Francesco Cavaliere + Francis Knight (ITA/Astro.Pietra), i’d m thfft able (USA)

Doors 20:00

Concert start 20:30

Fernando Perales

Fernando Perales, musician, performer, cinema critic and box trainer, he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1971. He is one of the most important figures of the experimental music and avant garde scene of Buenos Aires, in Argentina.

Since 1995, for almost 10 years, Fernando Perales was part of Reynols, the surrealist and experimental Argentinian cult band. With them he released more than 30 records and tracks on dozens of compilations for experimental and noise albums from USA, Europe and Japan.

Viva la Muerte is Fernando Perales’s solo project,based on free improvisation and on the non-semantic difference between noise and traditional musical sounds, using composition and execution techniques,working without a harmonic an melodic structure, focusing on exploring the timbric and material aspect of sound and noise. Viva la muerte is a unipersonal orchestra,composed of guitars,tapes,contact mics,pieces of metal,garage tools,metals sheets and industrial matrix fallen into disuse,creating a mix of noise,drone and post-industrial minimalism.

Viva La Muerte has three records: “Necrofolia y tradición” (2009, Facón Records, Argentina), “Punshiment and expiation” released through Electronik Music, London, and “Cuartos azules” in collaboration with the musician and producer from New Zealand, Antony Milton. And a track, in the compilation “Klingt.org: 10 Jahre Bessere Farben” (Mikroton Recordings, MIKROTON CD 5/6) (Russia).

Among other projects, and after the end of Reynols, he formed ÜL, a guitar trio, with another former member of the band, Anla Courtis. With ÜL, he has released 3 records since 2007, through Pjorn Records (Scotland), Zhelezobeton from Russia and Facón Records, from Argentina.

Since 2004, Fernando Perales shared stages with Damo Suzuki (ex Can), Christof Kurzmann, (Austria), Theo Nabicht (Germany), Marcelo Armani (Brasil), Ramiro Molina, Luis Toto Alvarez (Chile), Lasse Marhaug, John Hegre, Sir Dupermann, The Golden Serenades, Tore Honore BOE (Norway), James Plotkin (USA), Antony Milton, Phil Dadson (New Zealand).

Francesco Cavaliere (ASTRO.PIETRA)

music and actions. Francesco Cavaliere
stories and lirics. Francis Knight

Francesco Cavaliere (Piombino, Italy, 1980)
is a artist, musician and curator active in Berlin. He Received his Degree in
Ethnomusicology during 2008, University of Bologna, Italy.
His work is centered around the conception and creation of musical devices, actions
related with lands and fields, visions and language. His installations are based on
observations and reactions to acoustic phenonmena of different found materials. His
name is involved in differents groups and activities like: Mirror Trance, Mollusca,
Doro Bengala, Alberorovesciato, ✧Sea Urchin✧ and Jooklo Plutonya. Is a curator
with Marcel Türkowsky of a series of Exhibitions at the Grimmuseum, called
Whilstle, Minotaure! which involve artists like Sam Ashley, C.C. Hennix and Henry

i’d m thfft able

id m theft able (i’d m thfft able/i dmth efta ble) is an improvising vocalist and found objectist from Portland, Maine, USA.  He has played in many galleries, reputable festivals, disreputable festivals, basements, bedrooms, mansions, art galleries, record stores, all over the eastern half of North America and western Europe.  i’d vocalizes while accompanying himself on assemblages of found objects and electronics.

Here is a page with some audio samples:


Here are some decent youtube samples from live performances:


Acerca de sucked orange gallery

Sucked Orange Sucked Orange Galerie was created during 2010-2011. Inspired by the concept of hell by Refus global de Borduas, the galerie was a concrete manifestation of total acceptance. In the beginning we created a parallel world with a commercial culture, an aesthetic approach diving in all kinds of forms of expression, in a revitalizing happening mad creation. all lucid dreamers, spectacle with paintings, sculptures, theatre,cinema,concerts, poetry, and music (popular, Concrete, Electronic, Contemporary,Avant garde, Folk,Experimental,Noise,krautrock and Free jazz)
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