20th Jan Nils ostendorf,Axel Dorner,Louis Laurain////Tatsemme

Open doors: 20:00

Concert start: 20:30

after: Sucked Orange night

trumpet trio with :
Nils ostendorf (DE) : trumpet
Axel Dorner (DE) : trumpet
Louis Laurain (FR) : trumpet

“This trio gathers three of the most creative trumpet players in jazz and improvised music. this first meeting will be the opportunity  mix their sounds and musical energy into an improvised piece.”


the italo-japanese duo TATSEMME! is interested in sounds, noises, silences. it practice the instant composition with the right amount of unconsciousness to create soundscapes where the different elements can meet or clash each others. Tatsumi Ryusui _ guitar, kalimba, ovosono, effects Emme! _ prepared snare drum, tibetan bowls, kalimbas, cymbals, bells, mollofono.

Acerca de sucked orange gallery

Sucked Orange Sucked Orange Galerie was created during 2010-2011. Inspired by the concept of hell by Refus global de Borduas, the galerie was a concrete manifestation of total acceptance. In the beginning we created a parallel world with a commercial culture, an aesthetic approach diving in all kinds of forms of expression, in a revitalizing happening mad creation. all lucid dreamers, spectacle with paintings, sculptures, theatre,cinema,concerts, poetry, and music (popular, Concrete, Electronic, Contemporary,Avant garde, Folk,Experimental,Noise,krautrock and Free jazz)
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