Why don’t you call the police?

At the beginning of the year 2012 a group of friends were celebrating a birthday party in the basement of a private house in Emserstr Berlin. One of the friends was playing music. The others were engaged in talking, maybe loud talking.

The police arrived. Maybe one of the neighbours had complained about the loudness being too loud. The police didn’t find any evidence of too loud music being played, and went out again.

On the street they changed their mind. They suspected the existence of an illegal bar in the basement. They went in again. All present were summoned to get out. They got summoned to get out of the house.

The police searched all angles of the basement with torches. They found pennies. They counted the pennies one by one. Then they took 30 euro with them.

In the house itself they opened the rooms. They woke up one of Oscar’s housemates. He was in his pyama. He was in bed, before the police knocked at his door. He got summoned to get out. He answered that he lived here. He got summoned to get to bed. He closed the door.

The police sealed the basement.

In the next days Oscar went to see a lawyer. The lawyer listened to the story. He got angry. He called the police. He told them to open the basement. He told them to give back the money to Oscar.

The police didn’t arrive to open the basement. The police didn’t bring back the money. The police called the lawyer. They told the lawyer they want to study the internet first.

In the meantime flowers will bloom. And the basement will get dusty.

Acerca de sucked orange gallery

Sucked Orange Sucked Orange Galerie was created during 2010-2011. Inspired by the concept of hell by Refus global de Borduas, the galerie was a concrete manifestation of total acceptance. In the beginning we created a parallel world with a commercial culture, an aesthetic approach diving in all kinds of forms of expression, in a revitalizing happening mad creation. all lucid dreamers, spectacle with paintings, sculptures, theatre,cinema,concerts, poetry, and music (popular, Concrete, Electronic, Contemporary,Avant garde, Folk,Experimental,Noise,krautrock and Free jazz)
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2 respuestas a Why don’t you call the police?

  1. mk dijo:

    it’s more worth to pay a lawyer then to pay any fine.
    hope there is way to pay back all the trouble to the nasty neighbour aswell.
    is there a way to protect cultural project and galleries
    aswell from their neighbours threats and random police repression.

  2. Dania Detakon dijo:

    utterly shocked at the news. sucked orange gallery is an outstanding place and run responsibly well. it is ashame and a disgrace that a birthday party was stormed like this. i hope that the complaining neighbour and the renegade police men learn more diplomatic conflict resolution techniques. good luck oscar, with you all the way!


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