15 October. Santa Banana/Benjamin

Santa Banana

Santa’s Banana pepper. A story about friendship, fair, and ugly pink knife Bowling humanos.Asqueroso words between two beings of the human body
You try to understand and play materials through the exchange of living father dove, e-mails, even Dove.

Benjamin Altermatt

«In these digital times, analog has become oddly synonymous with getting back to nature. Taking such a notion to heart, Benjamin Altermatt collects abandoned or mutilated cassette tapes as one might assemble kindling for a fire by a teepee. He then splices these and merges them into hypnotic, trance-inducing loops that travel through distortion and layer on top of one another. Altermatt’s sound project Indias Indios brings a strangely spiritual dimension to what might otherwise be classified as noise. Along with spotty evocations of chirping birds and whistling wind, deep in the wisps of feedback one detects an ever so subtle melody »
mara goldwyn for Berlin unlike.

Steve Marciano

«On the other hand, musical sound is too limited in its qualitative variety of tones. The most complex orchestras boil down to four or five types of instrument, varying in timber: instruments played by bow or plucking, by blowing into metal or wood, and by percussion. And so modern music goes round in this small circle, struggling in vain to create new ranges of tones.» (Luigi Russolo)

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Why don’t you call the police?

At the beginning of the year 2012 a group of friends were celebrating a birthday party in the basement of a private house in Emserstr Berlin. One of the friends was playing music. The others were engaged in talking, maybe loud talking.

The police arrived. Maybe one of the neighbours had complained about the loudness being too loud. The police didn’t find any evidence of too loud music being played, and went out again.

On the street they changed their mind. They suspected the existence of an illegal bar in the basement. They went in again. All present were summoned to get out. They got summoned to get out of the house.

The police searched all angles of the basement with torches. They found pennies. They counted the pennies one by one. Then they took 30 euro with them.

In the house itself they opened the rooms. They woke up one of Oscar’s housemates. He was in his pyama. He was in bed, before the police knocked at his door. He got summoned to get out. He answered that he lived here. He got summoned to get to bed. He closed the door.

The police sealed the basement.

In the next days Oscar went to see a lawyer. The lawyer listened to the story. He got angry. He called the police. He told them to open the basement. He told them to give back the money to Oscar.

The police didn’t arrive to open the basement. The police didn’t bring back the money. The police called the lawyer. They told the lawyer they want to study the internet first.

In the meantime flowers will bloom. And the basement will get dusty.

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29th Jan MOPS (aoaa) #2

Open doors: 19:30

start: 20:00

MOPS (aoaa) #2

the Museum Of Performed Sounds (and other applicable arts)
presents and evening of non-indigenous krakatoans from The Hague
Wen Chin Fu (http://wenchinfu.com/)
Matteo Marangoni (http://www.humbug.me/)

Matteo Marangoni (Speaker Botz)

Speaker Botz are mobile robotic speakers, acoustic explorers of terrestrial space, artificial creatures that probe their environment with sonic impulses. Initially developed as a reaction to the practice of sound spatialization as found in electro-acoustic music, they have become an autonomous project, resulting in poetic machines who’s purpose is to envelop listeners with patterns of echoes bouncing off the walls. They are shy creatures which do not like to be looked at and are best suited for dark places.

Anna Wellmer

Anne Wellmer | nonlinear is a sound artist, composer and performer. She studied electronic music at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague and composition with Alvin Lucier and Anthony Braxton at Wesleyan University in Middletown CT/USA. Among her work are sonic environments for performances, sound installations, live music for dance and theater, radio art, music theater pieces, network projects and improvisation with electronics. Anne Wellmer lives and works in The Hague (NL).

Wen Chin Fu

Wen Chin Fu is a performance artist from Taiwan. She is interested in site-specific sound/body performance. After graduating in classical music, she decides to continue her study in ArtScience Interfaculty, The Royal Art Academy , Den Haag, Netherlands. Wen chin is currently lives in Den Haag, Netherlands.
The focus of her work is creating/representing a conversation which communicate with certain movement/situation or location with visitors/audiences.

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25th Jan Fyst/Utku Tavil AV///// Crazy Bear + night keller

concert start 20:00 (punctual)

Fyst/Utku Tavil AV

Fyst presents a meeting between folk music, noise and video art. They
play compositions and free improvisations.

Britt Pernille Frøholm – Hardanger fiddle
Bjørn Strand – guitar and electronics
Sigurd Ytre-Arne – live video art


Utku Tavil AV
Solo audiovisual improvised performances.
The video footage has been shot by Utku Tavil and manipulated on stage.
The audio is generated by using computer and some DIY hardware.
An homeless improviser expands his expression techniques into greyscale images.
His sounds become visible by all means.

Crazy Bear


Antti Virtanta – Bass & Electronics
Rieko Okuda – Voice & Electronics

Antti Virtaranta (Finland, US) and Rieko Okuda (Japan) started working together in the US performing at venues and festivals.  They have worked together now for 3 years in various projects and their most recent collaboration is «Crazy Bear».  This duo features improvisation with voice, bass and electronic instruments.  With an arsenal of homemade electronics they can play with the produced raw texture and tone quality molding the layers of sound into instant compositions.


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20th Jan Nils ostendorf,Axel Dorner,Louis Laurain////Tatsemme

Open doors: 20:00

Concert start: 20:30

after: Sucked Orange night

trumpet trio with :
Nils ostendorf (DE) : trumpet
Axel Dorner (DE) : trumpet
Louis Laurain (FR) : trumpet

«This trio gathers three of the most creative trumpet players in jazz and improvised music. this first meeting will be the opportunity  mix their sounds and musical energy into an improvised piece.»


the italo-japanese duo TATSEMME! is interested in sounds, noises, silences. it practice the instant composition with the right amount of unconsciousness to create soundscapes where the different elements can meet or clash each others. Tatsumi Ryusui _ guitar, kalimba, ovosono, effects Emme! _ prepared snare drum, tibetan bowls, kalimbas, cymbals, bells, mollofono.

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1 December Fernando Perales (ARG/Reynols), Francesco Cavaliere + Francis Knight (ITA/Astro.Pietra), i’d m thfft able (USA)

Doors 20:00

Concert start 20:30

Fernando Perales

Fernando Perales, musician, performer, cinema critic and box trainer, he was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1971. He is one of the most important figures of the experimental music and avant garde scene of Buenos Aires, in Argentina.

Since 1995, for almost 10 years, Fernando Perales was part of Reynols, the surrealist and experimental Argentinian cult band. With them he released more than 30 records and tracks on dozens of compilations for experimental and noise albums from USA, Europe and Japan.

Viva la Muerte is Fernando Perales’s solo project,based on free improvisation and on the non-semantic difference between noise and traditional musical sounds, using composition and execution techniques,working without a harmonic an melodic structure, focusing on exploring the timbric and material aspect of sound and noise. Viva la muerte is a unipersonal orchestra,composed of guitars,tapes,contact mics,pieces of metal,garage tools,metals sheets and industrial matrix fallen into disuse,creating a mix of noise,drone and post-industrial minimalism.

Viva La Muerte has three records: “Necrofolia y tradición” (2009, Facón Records, Argentina), “Punshiment and expiation” released through Electronik Music, London, and “Cuartos azules” in collaboration with the musician and producer from New Zealand, Antony Milton. And a track, in the compilation “Klingt.org: 10 Jahre Bessere Farben” (Mikroton Recordings, MIKROTON CD 5/6) (Russia).

Among other projects, and after the end of Reynols, he formed ÜL, a guitar trio, with another former member of the band, Anla Courtis. With ÜL, he has released 3 records since 2007, through Pjorn Records (Scotland), Zhelezobeton from Russia and Facón Records, from Argentina.

Since 2004, Fernando Perales shared stages with Damo Suzuki (ex Can), Christof Kurzmann, (Austria), Theo Nabicht (Germany), Marcelo Armani (Brasil), Ramiro Molina, Luis Toto Alvarez (Chile), Lasse Marhaug, John Hegre, Sir Dupermann, The Golden Serenades, Tore Honore BOE (Norway), James Plotkin (USA), Antony Milton, Phil Dadson (New Zealand).

Francesco Cavaliere (ASTRO.PIETRA)

music and actions. Francesco Cavaliere
stories and lirics. Francis Knight

Francesco Cavaliere (Piombino, Italy, 1980)
is a artist, musician and curator active in Berlin. He Received his Degree in
Ethnomusicology during 2008, University of Bologna, Italy.
His work is centered around the conception and creation of musical devices, actions
related with lands and fields, visions and language. His installations are based on
observations and reactions to acoustic phenonmena of different found materials. His
name is involved in differents groups and activities like: Mirror Trance, Mollusca,
Doro Bengala, Alberorovesciato, ✧Sea Urchin✧ and Jooklo Plutonya. Is a curator
with Marcel Türkowsky of a series of Exhibitions at the Grimmuseum, called
Whilstle, Minotaure! which involve artists like Sam Ashley, C.C. Hennix and Henry

i’d m thfft able

id m theft able (i’d m thfft able/i dmth efta ble) is an improvising vocalist and found objectist from Portland, Maine, USA.  He has played in many galleries, reputable festivals, disreputable festivals, basements, bedrooms, mansions, art galleries, record stores, all over the eastern half of North America and western Europe.  i’d vocalizes while accompanying himself on assemblages of found objects and electronics.

Here is a page with some audio samples:


Here are some decent youtube samples from live performances:


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10. november. Klaus Kürvers +Julian Bonequi + Mat Pogo

Open doors 20:00

Concert Start 20:30

1. Klaus Kürvers |   Julian Bonequi
double bass      |    toy drums and amplified voice

feedback around noise, emotional instability, semantic landscapes and
cathartic explosions and even alienated as an act of concentration.

Klaus Kürvers born 1950 in Essen (Germany), doublebass studies 1964-68 among others with Peter Trunk. During the late sixties member of the Essen Youth Symphony Orchestra and also at the same time of different amateur Jazz groups («Free Jazz» since 1967); 1969-71 in Cologne with the Jazz-Rock-Group «Eiliff» (w/Rainer Brüninghaus). Interrupted 1972-2006 his public music activities for his studies and professional scientific career as an architect and cultural historian in Berlin. Since 2006 resumption of his musical activities as part of the Berlin improvisers scene. 

Julian Bonequi ( 1974 ) is a mexican artist working mostly with noise and extreme improvisation since 1995. Curator of Audition Records [ realtime music ]. Decibel (Mexico 1999). FOCO Orchestra ( Madrid 2006-2010).  Has performed under the conduction of William Parker, Keith Tippett, Eddie Prévost, London Improvisers Orchestra, Berlin Improviser Orchestra and played with Olaf Rupp, Hans Tammen, Dave Tucker, Umut Çağlar… Julian currently is working with  toy drums and amplified voice as soloist [ releases: Sangre Azteca (Berlin-Istanbul) | Comechingones (Barcelona) | Angry Lords (AIR-Krems) ]



2. Mat Pogo

Born in Rome and resident in Berlin. In the 90′s he was one of the founder members of the Burp Enterprise collective and Jealousy Party, one of the most advanced musical units in Italy, mixing with personal touch soul, improv, avant rock, noise and error music.
the years he developed his own language as a singer/voice-artist using
his experience as a rock singer, an improviser and radio-artist where
music, sounds, anecdotic and narrative elements fuse constantly.
Beside Jealousy Party other projects he’s currently involved are Pokemachine (w/Anders Hana), Penates(w/JD Zazie), B Unit (w/JD Zazie & Peter Schlewinski), duo collaborations with Ignaz Schick, Michael Renkel,  Nicolas Wiese and DJ collective Sistemi Audiofobici Burp.


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25. october KK Null + the Noiser + Zan hoffman (Oktober Fest)


KAZUYUKI KISHINO was born in Tokyo, Japan. Composer, guitarist, singer, mastermind of ZENI GEVA and electronic wizard. One of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental music since the early 80’s.

In 1981 KK NULL studied at Butoh dancer, Min Tanaka’s «Mai-Juku» workshop and started his career by performing guitar improvisations in the clubs in Tokyo. He continued by collaborating with MERZBOW for two years, and joining the band YBO2 (with Masashi Kitamura, the chief editer of «Fool’s Mate» magazine and Tatsuya Yoshida, the drummer of RUINS) and starting the improvised noise/rock trio ABSOLUT NULL PUNKT (with Seijiro Murayama, the original drummer of Keiji Haino’s FUSHITSUSHA), and also GEVA2 (GEVA GEVA) with Tatsuya Yoshida (RUINS) and Eye Yamatsuka (BOREDOMS).

In 1985 he established his own label NUX ORGANIZATION to produce & release his own works and subsequently the bands such as MELT-BANANA and SPACE STREAKINGS. He also produced the series of «Dead Tech» (compilation albums by Japanese bands) which heralded Japanese alternative music boom internationally from the early 90’s to date.

In the early 90’s he gained world-wide recognition as the mastermind, guitarist and singer of the progressive hardcore trio ZENI GEVA with their extremely heavy sound, releasing five albums produced by STEVE ALBINI (two on Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles label) and a few more on other labels such as NEUROSIS’s Neurot Recordings. Also ZENI GEVA recorded twice for JOHN PEEL SESSION on BBC, and immensely toured throughout Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, playing hundreds of concerts.

All the while, KK NULL has worked on his solo career and collaborated with other musical innovators such as Z’EV, CHRIS WATSON, DANIEL MENCHE, KEIJI HAINO, SEIICHI YAMAMOTO, JON ROSE, BILL HORIST, PHILIP SAMARTZIS, ALEXEI BORISOV, MATMOS, FRED FRITH to name a few, and has been invited to perform at international festivals such as «Sonar» in Barcelona (Spain), «Beyond Innocence» in Kobe/Osaka (Japan), «Exiles» in Berlin (Germany), «International Sound Art Festival» in Mexico City (Mexico), «Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival (SKIF-6 & 8)» in St.Petersburg & Moscow (Russia), «X-peripheria» in Budapest (Hungary), «Totally Huge New Music Festival» in Perth (Australia), «Avanto Helsinki Media Art Festival» in Helsinki (Finland), «All Tomorrow’s Parties UK«, «International Festival Musique Actuelle» in Victoriaville (Canada), «Electron» in Geneve (Switzerland), «Presences Électronique» in Paris (France) and more.

After playing the guitar as his main instrument for some twenty years, KK NULL has gradually moved towards a more electronic approach. In recent years he has concentrated his efforts on his solo & collaborative recordings, exploring the outer territories of electronica, creating intense clashing wave of noise, structured electro-acoustic ambience, broken down rhythmics, scattered pitch sculptures, droning isolationist material which could be described «cosmic noise maximal/minimalism».

At present KK NULL has more than 100 titles of recordings released (inc. solo, bands, collaborations, compilations).

Zan Hoffman (USA)

Zan Hoffman is one of the most brilliant of the first wave of U.S. «cassette underground» artists and has self-released hundreds of albums under dozens of pseudonyms. His music cannot be tied to one genre, ranging from Dadaist pop music, to heavy electronic noise-drone and enigmatic, or alternately, playful sound collage. Quite often each composition consists of a single track, 30 minutes or more in length. Many of his albums are created using only source material by other artists, very disparate sounds from a wide range of international collaborators, which Zan manipulates and mixes into montage-style (soundscape) compositions. He has used my source material on about 50 of his releases, has honored me with strange and beautiful tributes like «The Man Who Would PBKing» and «How Doth The PBK?». Zan is a both a wonder and curiosity, a fringe artist whose work is as underground as it gets, yet after 26 years of extremely prolific creativity his music has been basically ignored by the underground music press and record labels. I never understood that. However, I don’t think Zan loses too many night’s sleep over it, he is already into his next project or musical collaboration.

26. Oktober doors 19.00
Flughafenstrasse 38
U8 Boddinstrasse
Zan Hoffman ( lecture)
Young Horse Piano

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13. October HiFi/LoNoise (Pierce Warnecke/Louis Laurain).

open doors 20:30

concert start at 21:00

In our music, we try to explore different combinations of events, energy and timbre. Despite different musical backgrounds, we strive to create a synthesis between contemporary electronic music and free jazz.

We push towards a textural ensemble of sounds, a homogenous music where each sound has a place, and yet blends together with the rest to form a whole. We try to make unidentifiable sounds that have as little connotation as possible. We want each sound object to be as ‘free’ as our dialogs, constructions and sequences of them.

Liberation from codes and aesthetics, leaving comfort zones to surprise even ourselves, this is the kind of improvisation that interests us. »

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